Organic food Benefits
Organic cultivation involves distinct aspects apart from the addition of organic fertilizers and pesticides.
The various steps are underlined below:

Organic food is made according to certain production standards without the use of pesticides, insecticides or chemical fertilizers. It is free from contamination by human or industrial waste, and processed without radiation/ additives/ genetically modified organisms. Organic food is grown with the help of natural fertilizers, like natural manure and compost.

a. Pesticide free-- Over 400 different pesticides are used in non-organic farming (also known as conventional farming). Pesticides are poisons designed to kill living organisms; their residues are present in the ordinary foods we eat. When a consumer purchases and consumes these traditionally grown food items, the trace chemicals end up in a person’s body. Over time, these insecticides, herbicides and pesticides accumulate in a person’s body and remain there forever.

b. Chemical free-- Since organic food is not prepared using chemical fertilizers and pesticides, it does not contain any traces of these strong chemicals and might not affect the human body, chemical fertilizers can harm body in different body, as they contain carcinogenic elements, which goes inside our body through vegetables and fruits and results in producing cancers cells.

c. Better taste-- People strongly believe that organic food tastes better than non organic food. The prominent reason for this belief is that it is produced using organic means of production.

d. Pure & Wholesome Food-- Organic food is natural and pure, highly nutritious, has a superior taste and is entirely safe. It cleanses the blood stream by eliminating toxic wastes.

e. Antioxidant rich-- Organically grown foods are higher in nutrients and antioxidants, which work to reduce the risk of certain types of cancers. Antioxidants also have a restorative process when it comes to skin and muscle deterioration.

e. Give a healthier environment-- Organic food is produced in an environment friendly manner. Production and usage of organic food helps in sustaining and preserving the ecological balance of our earth because in organic farms:--
The ground water and soil is not contaminated.--
The diversity of the ecosystem is preserved.--
Less energy is consumed during farming.--
Waste production is minimized. --
The environment is free from pollution.

Parameter Non-Organic Food Organic Food
Chemicals Has lot of chemical load No Chemical
Pesticides Has pesticides from farming No pesticides
Chemical Fertilizer Has chemical fertilizer No chemical fertilizer

Less natural taste

Pure natural taste
Nutrients Less nutrients/ antioxidants Rich in nutrients/ antioxidants
Environment friendly

No Yes

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Organic food Benefits


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